Health & Nutrition Education 

Nutrition & Fitness Coach Vanessa Augustus invites you to her Health & Well-being Cafe  a fun, friendly and informative one-stop-meet up for your mind, body and spiritual longevity …

The opening night in April was a great success.  Check out this short video to hear what our guests thought about the first event.

Filmed at our opening night April 2018

Janet Stafford, Registered Nurse & Owner of The Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic

Our guest speaker at the May Health & Well-being Cafe was local therapist Janet Stafford. Here is my interview with her before the event to find out more information about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

Jo Cantle, Feel Good for You Coaching 

The Health & Well-being Cafe decided to put a spotlight on our habits.  It was a pleasure for me to have an opportunity to introduce my personal mentor Jo Cantle to my growing community.

During her session Jo helped us to explore “How to Break a Habit : Identify what is holding you back from leading the life you want!” I had a chance to speak to Jo before the event to find out more about her talk.


Rev. Monica Douglas- Clark – The Rebel Reverend

Our guest speaker at the September Health & Well-being Cafe was an Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Abundance Mentor & Business Rebel, the Rev. Monica Douglas- Clark. Here is my interview with her before the event to find out how she was going to help my guests to Reclaim Your Rebel – Unleash Your Inner Energy.

Monica HWC cropped